James Kendall
Featured speaker

James Kendall

Director of Enterprise Engineering at SwiftConnect

James Kendall is the Director of Enterprise Engineering at SwiftConnect.io. His background includes technology product management for McKinsey & Company, security systems engineering at Snowflake inc., a cloud computing–based data warehousing company and application engineering management for Northland Controls. He is a SIA PropTech Advisory Board (PTAB) voting member and co-chair of the PTAB Thought Leadership Sub-Committee.

Abstract of James' speech

In 2022, Security as ‘PropTech’ was listed within the Security Industry Association (SIA) ‘Megatrends’ and since then the barriers between these industries have continued to be broken down.  It is no longer acceptable for departments or technologies to operate in siloes.  There is a greater desire for enhanced user experience, derived from more frictionless and personalised building operations and a need to enhance employee engagement overall.  To achieve this, businesses are having to re-think the way they operate – empowering the employees by offering a more self-service & on-demand experience and leveraging data to make smarter decisions about office operations, to deliver a more welcoming workplace and at the same time reduce environmental impact.

James will talk about his experience from the 7WTC, New York, a great example of removing friction and breaking down barriers to connect the right people to the right place at the right time. Seamless, flexible access has been provided by automating the provisioning and lifecycle management of mobile access credentials throughout the building, office spaces and 'beyond-the-door' amenities such as smart lockers & secure printers.

As the physical security industry continues to evolve, it has never been more important to consider physical access as part of the overall building / PropTech strategy with a focus on the end users journey throughout their working day. In this session, James Kendall will talk about his experiences gained from deploying solutions for some of the largest and most prestigious landlords and enterprises in the world.