Ivo van Breukelen
Keynote Speaker

Ivo van Breukelen

Managing Partner - The PropTech Connection

Ivo van Breukelen, Managing Partner (USA) of The PropTech Connection  a global advisory firm with an extensive network and platform for operating within the global proptech real estate market ecosystem.

The real estate technology investing space is a multi billion dollar industry that continues to experience growth. With higher interest rates and market uncertainty, however, commercial real estate may have to deal with substantial headwinds going forward. Global technology solutions are quickly reacting to pressure on the industry. A comprehensive overview of the PropTech space, as well as the real estate industry are essential in shaping an owner/ developer PropTech strategy. Ivo will present a market overview of the state and direction of proptech globally, shedding insights on the market at large as well as providing an analysis of the European market.

The Proptech Connection has extensive global investment experience in major venture capital funds in APAC and Europe, specializing in proptech, cleantech and real estate.